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The Voice of Long Island

"The Voice of Long Island" was probably the most significant of all of the older radio shows in laying the groundwork for both "Off The Hook" on the radio and 2600 Magazine itself. On this program, which lasted just over two years, hosts Mike Yuhas and Eric Corley played with phones and called operators from all over the world, did all kinds of wild experimentation on the air, performed various comedy sketches, and witnessed firsthand the true potential of noncommercial radio.

Found here is a veritable time capsule from the early 80s, where the differences in society, technology, and attitude become readily apparent. This was an era without CDs and where rotary phones were commonly used. It was a time without computers and automation taking over virtually every part of our lives. The Bell System was still the only game in town, Ronald Reagan was the newly elected president, and there was no such thing as downloading music.

There are a number of transitions in the history of the program. The first episode aired on February 7, 1981 under the name of "Radio Free Long Island." On May 23, 1981, the show was renamed "Radio Free Weekend." Finally, on September 19, 1981, the program was given the name it would be remembered by: "The Voice of Long Island." The infamous and mysterious musical theme to the show debuted on June 6, 1981. For most of the program's run, it was three hours in length. However, that time was reduced to two hours in October of 1982. The final known episode aired on April 16, 1983. There were two reunion shows, one in 1987 and the other in 1990.

Presented in this section will be full-length episodes of "The Voice of Long Island" in high fidelity as well as low fidelity. Since many of the shows are three hours in length, we encourage you to allow plenty of time for downloading. Each episode will appear on the site exactly 28 years after it was first aired, every Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight. You are encouraged to post or copy the shows elsewhere if you desire.






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